Get High on D.I.Y!


When I stay at home on a weekend, there’s nothing I like better than to occupy the time with a great D.I.Y project. I usually get all my craft materials out and think of the last lovely idea I had while surfing my favourite D.I.Y sites. This summer, if you find yourself indoors, take up a craft project or two. It’s the best way I know how to beat the scorching heat outside!

So where do I get my fodder?

1. Honestly… WTF –

They break down runway trends (Like the Fendi Frill), share inspirational home ideas and the like here. From bow-tie pins to hex nut bracelets, I’ve made most of my accessories following their well-explained tutorials. 

2. A Beautiful Mess –

Elsie Larson couldn’t have named her blog more aptly! A beautiful mess, indeed, check out the folder-label like layout of the sections. Besides that, there are separate illustrated icons on the side that take you to some specific categories like home art, recipes, D.I.Y projects and more. I love her step-by-step photo layouts explaining how to craft and cook certain things. Found out a recipe as unique as how to whip up cake batter milkshakes on this pretty blog. Mm-mmm!

3. Dear Lizzy –

Since the very first time I came across her blog (back in 2009), I fell in love with Lizzy’s story-telling abilities. Her pictures are dreamy and summery. Here’s a blog where you’ll find inspiration to create your own party favours, stationery and sometimes clothes too. Lizzy’s tales are mostly about her kids and she’s constantly thinking of all these cool recipes: cakes in jars and whipped cream sodas. Yum for us!

So where do you get your D.I.Y inspirations from? Share them in the comments section below, please. :-)


PIictures: These are sourced from the blogs of Honestly… WTF, A Beautiful Mess, Dear Lizzy.

Artwork by Roanna Fernandes

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