The Instagram Nazi


Over the past two weeks, I’ve been on a crazy clicking spree ever since I got my new phone and had Instagram (look for me – @JupiterSkye) installed on it. Wahoo! 

1.  My favourite Hand of Fatima necklace

2. An old Vogue magazine with Kristen Stewart on the cover

3. Inglot nail colours for the summer

4. Hand-made jewellery at Fabindia

5. Colourful zippers from The Hab

6. Persepolis 2

7. My colleague, Sholeen Damarwala, fooling around at work

8. The best pasta in Bombay – at Moshe’s

9. Style by Kate Spade

10. My favourite leather bracelet and Aztec print choker

11. Practising my styling skills on my sister, Racile

12. Bangle set bought at Promod for Rs. 500

13. My colour pencil box

14. Fabindia diary for everyday use

15. YSL – Some of my favourite fragrances

16. Everyday jewellery stored in this basket

Anyway I’m also excited about a whole bunch of other things: the S1 launch, my new stories for work, fun summer ideas for the blog et cetera.


Talk later,


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