The Gift of The Hab


While I must admit that it was rather disappointing to be told that I couldn’t click any pictures inside The Hab (by USHA), my visit to the newly opened store wasn’t daunting at all.

The place is bright, spacious and immaculate. Of course, the pops of colour on the walls beg for your attention. Colour has this mysterious charm, it’s always fascinated me. This store is no different. Everything is arranged carefully according to their shades. Score one for The Hab! You’ll find little glass jars stuffed with bundles of wool; yes, blue in one jar, red in the other and so on and so forth. 

The stash: sequins, seed and glass beads, brooch-pins, zippers (gold on assorted coloured fabrics), silk thread, D.I.Y kits, hooks et cetera. 

Find yourselves pulled towards the work-station area where demonstrations are held on specific days. Their brochures and little flyers mention that you can learn basic sewing skills – this includes making yourself apparel or perhaps accessories. And get this, the fee sounds reasonable enough – it starts at Rs. 150 and goes up to Rs. 400 depending on a class/or a couple of them together. 

Okay, one more cool feature, there’s this wooden spiral staircase somewhere at the back of the store that leads you up to a library of sorts. For now, a few books on crafting and sewing adorn the shelves. Hopefully, with time, the guys at the store will gather more. I believe one can lounge in the seating area there and can happily peruse through.


– One bundle of wool (in raspberry pink), Rs. 42

– 4 spools of silk thread (in teal, purple, fuchsia), Rs. 18 each

– 4 gold zippers attached to the fabric (in teal and purple), Rs. 25 each

To conclude, I didn’t find the craft materials as expensive or as unusual as I expected them to be. A trip to the store might definitely cost you a wee bit more than what you’d pay at Pradhan’s in Lokhandwala or Something Special in Bandra, but I still think that this colourful haberdashery deserves a visit! Especially if you’re quite the little seamstress or crafter. :-) 

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