Animal Print


Yes, I’m crushing on animal print. Whether the prints are of cats, birds, horses, swallows, bunnies or even panthers, this trend has me purring in delight! So far, I just have the panther scarf (see pic) which is turning out to be a lovely accessory to complement my many ensembles, and a bunny printed blouse that I bought from Colaba Causeway.

I really want to pick up some swallow prints though. Also, some cat print chiffon clothes by Kallol Datta, if I can find any in the city. This is a fun trend to experiment with, yes?


1. Dress by Zara

2. Panther printed scarf – Linking Road, Rs. 150

3. Bird print tie-playsuit by Topshop

4. Jaguar print scarf by Marc Jacobs

5. Swallow necklace by Posh Totty Designs

6. Trousers and shoes by Miu Miu – I sourced this picture from The Cherry Blossom Girl’s blog.

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2 thoughts on “Animal Print

  1. Well, how cool is this? Two things I absolutely adore, animals and style, and you somehow found the perfect match between the two.

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