Baby Talk


This is the first gift paper design I worked on for a friend, Jahnabee, who wanted something custom-made for a friend’s baby shower party. The brief was pretty simple and I could use any elements I wanted; basically, she left the rest of the idea for me to play with.

The result was this: I designed the illustration, and got it printed for her. It turned out to be a little expensive however because it was my first time, and I didn’t know the right printing places to go to. Ultimately, I charged her Rs. 250 for a roll (as long and wide as a single sheet of chart paper).

What matters is that she was super pleased with the paper! That made me feel ecstatic. :-)

* * * *

Photography by Eureka Alphonso

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6 thoughts on “Baby Talk

  1. omg i love it. u created it?cant wait to have babys just so i can wrap them in ur awesome baby wrapping paper!

  2. Yeah, yeah, I did!! :-D I’ll customise yours to include little fairy cakes floating in the air with your babies. Hahaha!

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