Let’s Play Skippity-Shop!

74 Let's Play Skippity-Shop!
As a person who loves shopping a great deal, I think that sometimes it’s important to make lists of what you actually need, what you might not and all those items in between (yeah, you know what I’m talking about, hoarder!). Well, my current in-between list is this. Just these little items!

♥ Maxi skirt (with pleats, please) in a vibrant colour;
♥ Brown leather brogues (I’ve seen a similar pair at La Judi for just Rs. 600);
♥ The Box of Love clutch by Rachana Reddy (My colleague Sholeen showed me this particularly cute piece that’s priced at Rs. 5,800. I know…  heartbreak central!).

I feel like I need all of these things desperately (to be truthful, I probably don’t) and yet I’m uncertain about how much I’ll wear them if I bought them, or if I’ll use them at all.

What do you think?

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