Romance et Cigarettes


February is here! I’ve always been secretly pleased that I was born in this Valentine-y month, and well, the cat’s out of the bag now. :-D 

My favourite things about February:

* The star sign it’s associated with – Aquarius

* It’s dreamy and romantic!

* It’s like spring-and-fall wrapped up together.

* My birthday is THIS month!

This year, I turn 25 and nothing’s changed drastically since my time on earth began. I’m still the same and I also feel different! Doesn’t make sense? Well, we Aquarians are a kooky lot. Let’s just get to the post eh?

1. I cannot stress on how much I want to see this movie – Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu. The basic premise is the same as What Happens in Vegas, and I don’t usually like Hindi remakes. But I’m just intrigued by this one because of the cast and the visual appeal of the film. Plus I like bubblegum and fluff. There, I said it!

2. I’ve been busying myself with my crafts again, and I made another bow-tie. This one’s my favourite!

3. Accessorize is addictive, and I couldn’t help myself this time when I spotted this cute silver engraved heart-shaped pocket mirror at the store in Infiniti Mall. Rs. 595 for this one!

4. Random fact about me: I love letters! If you’re a friend, and you’re reading this, I compel you to get a scrap of paper and start penning one to me right this second. :-)

5. Oh Paris! I can’t wait to go there someday. The image is so vivid in my head: me alone, sipping coffees at little shops, and painting, reading and writing. Also exchanging glances with cute strangers.

P.S. The letter and Eiffel Tower illustrations are by me, of course. Holler, if you need some designed. In return, I’ll accept money or plane tickets.

Au revoir!

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