Go Goa!


Hello! So I went on my first little holiday of 2012 – to the land of sun, sand and seas. GOA! Incidentally, it’s also the very first time I went to G with friends (when I went with family, it didn’t really count). I had an awesome time there (see pics + read story). :-D

SIGHTS AND SOUNDS – Nina took me around on the scooter we rented (150 bucks for a day). We saw places (mostly shops at the beach) and ate at cozy restaurants (Curlies, Infantaria etc.), drank beer and bought A LOT of trinkets.

SAND AND SEAS – We visited a couple of beaches there – Candolim (almost a private beach, very few people come by), Calangute (lots of folks + shops), Baga (very colourful), Anjuna (hippie zone) and Morjim (the sand has traces of mica and is glitter white). Morjim seems remote, and very private – if you wanted to take off your bikini top and sun-bathe, this would be the beach to do it!

FRIENDS AND FLEA – Now, unfortunately I didn’t get to visit a Saturday night flea market like I wanted to but I did buy a lot of cool stuff from the markets by the beach. In my next post, I’ll dedicate it whole-heartedly to Goa buys (mostly felt and beaded accessories, a lovely sequinned bag, felt purses and a silk dress).

BEER AND BREEZE – Best part! Chilled with the guys at a couple of places, and finished it with a night at the popular club, Cubana. If you visit Goa, and want to party, Cubana is a G-R-R-R-EAT place to drink at, and dance the night away! Boy, I sure do MISS Goa. :-/

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