D.I.Y: Bow-Tie


Happy New Year! It’s been a whole new year since I began this blog. :-) It all started innocently enough. Sagan helped! I didn’t think it would go this far. It’s no more just a pet project – it’s my baby.

These bow-tie brooches are my second attempt at Honestly…WTF‘s DIY accessories. The outcome’s pretty cool, as you can see. I couldn’t find any velvet ribbon so I made do with some felt ribbon, needle and thread. If you’re good at using a glue gun, then skip the sharp former. You can buy some felt at my favourite store in Bandra – Something Special.


* Wear them on turtlenecks (you’ll be surprised at how classy it looks)!

* Wear them as lapel pins on a blazer.

* Or just wear them the traditional way – on a crisp collar!

Have fun making your bow-tie. The tutorial on Honestly…WTF is very easy to understand. What do I want to try next? Well, the Peter Pan collar, of course!

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