Ho! Ho! Ho!


Have a holly, jolly Christmas, 

It’s the best time of the year!

* * * *

OK, so who doesn’t love Christmas (except maybe the grinch)? None of you here – yes? Some cheer crept up inside of me and I bought some ornaments/stuff to decorate my space. Little Santa here was bought at Creative Handicrafts (Rs. 30), holly berries (12, Rs. 3 each), tiny Christmas trees (Rs. 3 each) and two little stockings for Rs. 30 each. Phew!

Bob and Fred, the snowmen, were made some years ago. An independent fella, Bob prefers no scarf (he is cheery all through the year, by the way). Fred’s a little on the quieter side and he loves his green scarf. I love bringing them out every December! I wish I made more of their companions so you could buy some. Ah well, if you’d still like – place an order for one or two ornaments and I’ll squeeze in some time. :-)

Merry Christmas y’all!

P.S The reindeer illustration is part of a greeting card I designed not too long ago. There are three other cards to choose from: a snowman, a stocking and a Christmas tree. Let me know if you’d like to purchase some.

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2 thoughts on “Ho! Ho! Ho!

  1. Where did you get the little Christmas trees? I bought the reindeer card from you and I didn’t have the heart to give it away and so, I kept it for myself! Hehe Make more of ’em, Bob and Fred! :-)

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