Orange Bling-Bling!


The COOLIO, CHEAP & CHIC slug is brand-new, and is going to stay! Making its debut in this post, I’ve decided that this is going to be a regular feature on Jupiter Skye. Come every once a month (or on a weekly basis if I can keep up), there’ll be one neat find published here. The idea came to me very randomly – I’m glad it did! Makes me happy.

I love my new orange purse – it’s very ME, unique and is damn soft (cushion-y, in fact). If you’re one who appreciates colour, this is a nice buy. Of course, just store your notes here, keep your coins and cards separately. I bought it at an exhibition at Candies, hope the purses are still around if you decide to visit the place.

December is here, and I’m going to start my Christmas shopping soon. Need to decorate, buy presents, make cards (you wanna buy some? Place orders!) and paint! Have a good week, y’all. :-)

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