November Spell


November was crazy, long and not-so-warm! This is an outfit post as you can see, and it’s what I wore when I met Tosh earlier this month. I didn’t put much thought into what I was throwing together for the look but the outcome wasn’t bad at all (you can disagree). :-) Styling is a lot of fun! 

I’ve picked up a lot of cool accessories and bargain buys over the months that haven’t been featured/written about at all on the blog. Stay tuned, there’ll be more of this. 

— — — — — — — 

Where I got what?

* Nail paint – Shade 869 by Inglot

* Hand of Fatima necklace – Accessorize guy in Bandra, Rs. 200

* Purple watch – Colaba Causeway, Rs. 300 (My fave watch! Looks like Michelle Obama’s ToyWatch, don’t you think?)

* Blouse – Hill Road, Unknown price

* Silk skirt with pockets (in teal) – Topshop, SR 30

* Slippers – Anupam Chappals, Unknown price

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