Winter Lovin’


I’m not sure if Adobe did but my access to PhotoShop has been revoked! I did use one hacker’s way too many serial codes. So yeah. I miss PhotoShop sooo bad. It was everything. My baby! My love. Well, I used the next best thing – Polyvore and created two ensembles for fall. It’s mid-November and the air’s got a certain cold vibe to it! But yes, yes, yes, this means I get to wear my jackets, hoodies, sneakers, scarves… translates to comfort dressing + a whole lot of layering. I just wish there was a nice little park out here where I could walk over crunchy autumn leaves.

FYI, the items in this frame are (in order of appearance) – Curved Felt Pork Pie Hat by Topshop, black heart printed sweater by Super Trash, skinnies (in Poison) by Citizen of Humanity Thompson, Gabriella Rocha Winter Hit Boots, Maybelline eyeliner, green turquoise beads by American Heirlooms, Iosselliani bangle-bracelets, and the green scarf is by Banana Republic. In the pink rectangle, here’s what you see – wool scarf, Brat and Suzie horse-print sweater, skinny jeans by Madewell, purple sneakers (don’t know the label), a simple necklace, Cinéma by YSL and purple shades by Salty Peaks. It really is a pity that I can’t afford all of this!

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