The Craft of Creativity


Last week, I visited Fabindia after ages. I used to love their clothes initially when I just discovered the brand but I stopped shopping from there on a regular basis. Too expensive!

Anyway not too long ago, they began a range, called Ananya, of hand-made jewellery. I love the style in which the pieces are crafted (see image on the right in the collage). The designs inspired me. I picked up an intricately carved wooden pair that I’m going to wear soon.

The products remind me a lot of the kind of accessories and stuff that I make and design for Rosecraft. The earrings on the left are one of them! I made the beads out of modelling clay and inscribed them while they were still drying. They were then painted, and finishing touches were added. Hey, and if you want to purchase them – they’re available for Rs. 125. :-)

I want to get back to my crafting and painting days! I miss it. Sometime soon, I must take the time out (and all the raw materials sitting in my room unattended) to complete a fun D.I.Y project and make some stuff for Rosecraft. Wish me luck. I guess more than luck, I need to make it happen. Amen to that!

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2 thoughts on “The Craft of Creativity

  1. You’re right about fabindia being expensive. Plus you get better designs and cuts at other stores now. It’s more of a foreigner’s delight now. I do love their jewellery though and if I do go their way, I always check out that section first. I don’t think I’ve seen this colour colour line yet.

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