Of Halloween & Spleen!


While Jack O’Lanterns remain an unseen sight this October in the city, Mumbaikars still like to don their funky costumes for a Halloween party. There are quite a few places in the city where you can hunt for some great costumes and décor; here’s bringing you some select places that I scouted for the same. Bring out your inner Mad Hatter or dress up like the morbid Morticia Addams… whatever your look might be, get crazy!

Something Special – Hill Road, Bandra

This is Bandra’s one-stop-shop for all craft-related and decorative items. Located just outside St. Peter’s Church, this store has a great collection of accessories (buttons, pendants, clasps, beads, felt ribbon) for DIY projects, and ready accessories. Something Special is a treasure-trove that you would have to sift through to find what you’re looking for. I got carried away by the vampire capes (Rs. 250 each), glow-in-the-dark skeletons (Rs. 90), Halloween lights that were in the form of mini-skulls (Rs. 725) and a skull lamp-light (Rs. 500). Apart from these items that are sure to give your guests the chills, there are Scream masks (remember the movie?) and devil horns for Rs. 40-50 each. If you’re throwing a party, pick up the Jack O’Lantern key chains – these are Rs. 20 each – to give as return-gifts. Surely your friends would like such a treat!

Al’s Accessories – Hill Road, Bandra

With their multiple face-piercings and tattoos, the store owners of Al’s could give creepy creatures a complex! All in the spirit of Halloween, it’s their wares we’re more interested in. They have an ugly rubber hanging head for Rs. 1200 (CREEPY TIP: Place it in the little shelf inside your bathroom just above the door. Your friend goes inside and there are screams galore – snicker, and oooh, look-a that – a Halloween rhyme :-), Freddy Krueger masks (Rs. 350 each), blingy capes (Rs. 550) and Victorian masks (Rs. 220). If you’re throwing a Halloween party and you’d like to add far more creepier elements to the décor, invest in the Static ball (upon human contact, this glass orb lights up with an electric current inside – brrr) priced at Rs. 1500. In addition to the regular gruesome masks, there are masks with hair priced at Rs. 350 each. For those of you who prefer muted chills, buy yourself a pair of coloured skull earrings at Rs. 50.

Sparkle – Pali Hill, Bandra

This store is a hidden find on Pali Hill, it’s been around for a couple of years but very few know of it. An open black coffin greets you at the entrance, and you automatically think of Transylvania. Dimly lit like a crypt (maybe this is my over-active imagination on occasion of Halloween but the atmosphere here is almost smoky), the little shop is stocked with tricks and pranks of all kinds. The pranks are sold at Rs. 30 a packet; you have sneezing powders, burping powders, bloody-mouth-inducing powders and yes, among tricks, a classic, electric gum and shock-causing Pens (Rs. 100 each, make the sparks fly with this one)! Like Fred and George Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, this shop is wacky and has a lot of interesting finds when it comes to queer costumes, tricks and hairy spiders.

Party Hunterz – Pali Hill, Bandra

One of the newest entrants to Bandra, this store is what party hunters all over are looking for! We’re not exaggerating when we say that this store has plenty of cool merchandise that comprises of theme-party décor and supplies. They’re well-stocked with Halloween stuff from ‘cleaver-through-the-head’ hair bands (Rs. 375) to pirate masks and beards (Rs. 250). If you have kids, this is the store from where to buy them some neat Halloween costumes. Let the little folks dress up as pumpkin-people and evil witches, as well as colourful pirates! They have some great make-up kits to create puncture wounds, and glow-in-the-dark masks. These are easily washable the next day with warm water so not to worry. If you’re thinking of Halloween candy, pick up their skull pops (Rs. 20 each), pumpkin candy (Rs. 200 apiece) and Lots-A-Spook candy (Rs. 250 each). To give your friend the heebie-jeebies, freak them out with glow-in-the-dark gloves (Rs. 450). Bring out your dark side at this store and yes, freak the Ring-girl a.k.a Samara out so bad that she crawls back into her well!

Maganlal Dresswalla – Juhu

This costume store is popular with Mumbai’s thespian peeps (the Prithvi Theatre folks are regulars) as the place has all sorts of props and costumes that range from police uniforms, Dementor capes (yes, scare those Harry Potter doppelgangers away), medieval costumes, bar maid costumes to witch costumes. They also have props like palanquins, mini-carriages and golden maces (if you wanted to be a god perhaps). Depending on the costume, you can rent your costume at Rs. 550-750 for a day. You would have to ideally spend a good two hours in this shop to sift through all the costumes. They have lion face-masks, ape masks and witches’ hats; the staff isn’t obtrusive and lets you go through their wares at your own pace. One thing’s for sure, whether it’s a Russian dictator or a cackling witch you want to pull off; you’re likely to find your props and costumes here.

And that, my friends, is the end of a piece on where t
o shop for Halloween in Bombay! But creative as I’d love to be, and fancy as I’d like to dress up, I haven’t been to a single Halloween bash in my life. It’s absurd! I love the season! Oh well. You kids go have fun.

Shrieks and screams,



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