It’s a Bow-High Affair!


My nails are painted in a shade of a particularly hot pink (picture 1 – shade 869 by Inglot), my thoughts are purple, my skies are blue and my happiness is yellow! Am I making sense at all? God, it has been forever since I put up anything on Jupiter Skye huh? 

On Diwali, I went to Infiniti Mall in Malad for the first time since it was set up. I love the mall! It reminds me of Rashid Mall back home in Dammam. The mall has four levels and all the brands I love shopping from, have stores there: Accessorize, Zara, Mango, La Senza, Promod, Vero Moda, Forever New and Westside. These are a handful of names but there’s much more at the mall – it’s so huge! You can spend a day there. I was sold when I saw how much it made me think of Rashid Mall. :-)

Okay, so purple thoughts. Yeah, about that, I found this hand-made paper store (Veerat Paper Bazar) near my office and he has super awesomio stationery! I picked up a stack of UV visiting cards for Rs. 60 and assorted ones for Rs. 40. For Jupiter Skye visiting cards, I thought I’d get them printed on different coloured cards since my blog is so zany. I just need to develop a uniform stencil and logo for the same. The sketch in this image is a rough one, of course.

The Zara ballet flats – aren’t they the cutest? But they’re 1690 bucks and hence, would be a splurge for me if I bought it, because it’s not like I’d wear them everywhere. Still, they’re so pretty. :-/

Ooh, and the bow-tie image is courtesy of Honestly…WTF – it’s a sneak preview, you could say, to my next post which is on to make your very own. I love the girls at HWTF, they’re so imaginative and resourceful. Peace out.

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3 thoughts on “It’s a Bow-High Affair!

  1. I love the Zara ballets. They are to die for. You have an awesome sense of style, might I add. :)I like your idea for the visiting cards. Nice going!

  2. I think you should wait a little, they are a bit pricey! :(I’m sure you’ll come up with something! :)

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