Roanna on Wire


Hello hello. Cash has been flowing in, sistahs – wahoo! OK, let’s start from the top. So I have been in talks (with myself and my friends) on how to promote the whole phone-wire-braiding service that I provide, and how to make money off of it. Here’s the first advert (well, if you call it one). 

Once you’ve read the intro in the photograph, you might wonder why it’s still called Phone Wire Braiding. Well, since its originality lies there and was the purpose of its creation, I couldn’t think of calling it otherwise. Besides Earphones’ Braiding sounds lame!

The advert finally came out because sometime in the past two weeks, I met the White Rabbit* in the train. She noticed my iPod wires (the ones in this picture) and was super intrigued! One thing led to another, and she texted me a week later asking for her wires to be braided. :-)


  • Contact me on my facebook fan-page or DM me on my twitter handle. Yes, I do believe one of you might be a psycho stalker! Jokes apart, I’m old school. I can’t give out my number just like that! Sorry.
  • We’ll fix a time and place for me to come and collect your earphones (this service is ONLY available in Bombay at the moment).
  • You’ll need to tell me the four colours you’d like to have on the wires. I’d rather use seven colours but it would lead to a tangled mess, a rope-thick wire (I like to exaggerate sometimes) and it’s something I’m not going to get into, at this initial stage.
  • Give me two weeks and I shall hand you your newly furbished wires! This period might extend to a month sometimes if in case, my work deadlines clash with this.
  • The total damage is Rs. 250. I think this is a humble fee for my services. At this point, I hope this new service gets really popular and that I receive more orders! Then it shall be time to get it PATENTED! Hell yeah, sistah.

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