The Sale Trail!


You should know, I’ve been hating the fact that I neglected my blog for two whole weeks now! I mean, sure I don’t have a crazy-ass fan following but still. So hello then, let’s begin. Work is going great! A lot of stuff, pressure, new responsibilities… I’m not complaining because I love this BUSY life of mine :-)

Here’s what you missed out on. I received my last cheque from burrp. Unfortunately, it wasn’t my entire month’s salary and I couldn’t do all the shopping (as I had earlier planned). In this very colourful collage, you’ll see stuff that I bought on sale, stuff I aspire to buy and stuff that I just plain bought.

1. This pretty sling-purse is from Accessorize, I saw it ages ago at the Lokhandwala outlet. Sadly, when I checked again, the purse was gone! Rina Nabam (of lavogueish7 fame) kindly allowed me to borrow this picture from her blog – the only living memory of the purse I aspire to own :-(

2. I bought these leopard-print ballet flats from Aldo for 400 bucks! Judy* told me about them, and they are very comfortable. However, regular usage on the Bombay roads would render them futile.

3. OK, so here’s the one of the best eye make up products I’ve tried so far (thanks to Kavita’s and Aayushi’s recommendations): the Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (Blackest Black 950) by Maybelline. It comes in a little pot with an eyeliner brush. The eyeliner is so good – it lasts up to 24 hours straight (if you’re one of those who sleeps with your make up on). It glides on smoothly and the application isn’t difficult at all. The damage is about Rs. 375.

4. Best bargain buy ever. Denim skirt with pockets from Mango for Rs. 400. Enough said!

So long pretties.

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10 thoughts on “The Sale Trail!

  1. I was just talking to my friend the other day about how I want to get leopard printed ballet flats! I love it and the bag too! :)

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