Bohemian Rhapsody


Hey there, sunny people (you must be of the sunshine variety if you’re reading my blog)! The ocean breeze, sand, seagulls and water are calling out to me. I’ve been feeling depressed lately – no good reason – and right now, my mind’s somewhere in the clouds. Makes sense then if I save up and take a mini-vacation to Goa soon. Anyway, my outer-surroundings have been happy and here’s why.

The week began with Sagan’s birthday and he gave me these Kenzo flowers (haha yeah, his birthday and I get the presents :-P) that his sister isn’t using. I’m going to convert them into corsage brooches like I did with the first one. Um, I haven’t been doing much lately at home so I cleared out my cupboard and arranged my clothes and trinkets; I collected all my bracelets (hand-made, gifts and ones I bought) in a little cane basket. In picture 4, you can see these colourful bobby pins that my sisters picked up from Something Special (Rs. 25 for six pairs). Yup, I really like the mini-bauble necklace in picture 5 – Raynah bought it from the Accessorize export-reject guy for Rs. 200. She promised to lend it to me whenever I want (gosh, I hope so). I can’t wait to get with the fun, sun and sand – I already have the perfect Boho look ready :-D


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7 thoughts on “Bohemian Rhapsody

  1. Only those two things?! Sorry, I’m fishing. Spread the word! I can style your normal girl for a price. Very reasonable. Jupiter Skye is back in her orbit!

  2. Yay! Um…new hair-cut – let’s see – how about a Mohawk? Haha. Since your hair is still short, why not add colourful/braided extensions? Extensions seem to be a trend here now. Come here and we’ll go crazy!

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