Jack of All Trades


Today marked my second meeting with the folks of Jack-in-the-Box. I was called to meet with Tintin*, the co-founder and MD of Jack, and of Bang-Bang Films. It was a pretty pleasant but short meeting. He told me about the two companies he set up, where he worked at previously, what the goals of Jack and Bang-Bang are, what he’d like to do in the future and the kind of people they’d like to hire. I don’t think he was being airy or making false claims because in those minutes, I was SOLD! At this point, I won’t say anything to jinx it but let’s just say I’ll be pretty crushed if I don’t get the job.

The meeting had me in good spirits and I was in Bandra so I wanted to browse the shops at Hill Road (but of course! I don’t run this blog for nothing, you know :-P). I looked for the orange belt that I spotted the last time (with Chloé) and in the day, it’s quite fugly. Very ghastly, indeed. I placed a virtual rejection stamp on it straight away. Surprisingly, I didn’t find the fake-Accessorize guy until much later; he didn’t have any new or interesting pieces. I went over to La Judi just to look at the shoes (you get reasonable footwear from there) with no intentions of purchasing any pairs. However, I did and I’m so glad I stopped by – I found these felt ballet flats (like the ones at Viola) for just 150 bucks! I chose a deep purple. :-)

I also spotted a cute brunch dress on the road (there’s another one at a shop in Lokhandwala) which would look chic with a brown leather belt worn at the waist. The stall-owner got me a little heated up because he agreed to sell it for 180 Rs. first and then hiked it up. I gave him a piece of my mind and I finally paid him Rs. 190 for it. The cream skirt in the picture seems like a nice piece to wear in the summer and during the rains, I think. 

Navy blue printed dress – Hill Road (Bandra W), Rs. 190

Cream printed skirt – Creative Handicrafts (Bandra W), Rs. 150

Purple felt ballet flats – La Judi (Bandra W), Rs. 150


2 thoughts on “Jack of All Trades

  1. I envy you for buying the printed dress, maybe I can still get it at Lokhandwala. I got the ballet flats too (black and the same purple ones as you). :) But I’m not so sure about the quality, the black pair which I got looks old and is going to get ruined if I wear them often. :(

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