Sun-kissed ???


I can’t help but whine! I want to go shopping but I got broke ever since my ex-roomie came down to visit Bombay. What I’m eyeing right now are two awesome beauty products. Brilliance Powder and a bottle of Rougeberry eau de toilette, both by The Body Shop. I’m a huge Body Shop fan, all the love mostly began because of my friend, Emily*. I’ve been wanting the Rougeberry perfume since forever (I sprayed it once at the mall and broke my head later that night to find out what the yummy smell on me was). The body shimmer is a new fancy. It’s sort of like a powder-blush that comes inside the stem of a make-up brush. You just squeeze the button on the top that adds powder to the brush. What I really dig about it is that you can apply it on your entire body (décolletage, knees – if you’re wearing a short dress, your back or whatever else you fancy) and your face! Awesome right? :-D I tried the powder at the store but I couldn’t bring myself to buy it (cost price – Rs. 1095). My bank balance will suffer the repercussions, if I do. WHAT DO I DO?!

Oh, by the way, happy birthday Harry. I kind of wish that it was my birthday too. :-/


2 thoughts on “Sun-kissed ???

  1. People could do with some shine, you’re right about it, it could be applied almost anywhere, that’s what I love about this Brilliance Powder. I’ve smelled Rougeberry and it’s nice, but I like White Musk better. :)

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