Orange Overdose?


Yesterday I visited my ex-roommate at Nina’s house in Santacruz and here’s what I wore. The pictures aren’t all va-va-voom but you have to admit, I am trying to develop a better eye for this thing. :-) I’m confident that I created a pretty fantastic combination!

I used a narrow black corset belt to join two pieces of clothing (by tucking the vest inside the skirt, and wearing it a little higher than usual) to make it look like a vintage dress. I had a lot of fun mixing and matching the colours. 

Orange vest – Promod, Rs. 450

Skirt – Colaba Causeway (I bought this four years back and I forgot how much it was)

Corset belt – Forever 21 (I persuaded my mom that this would look better on me so I took hers) :-D

Kolhapuris – Anupam Chappals, Rs. 250

Chunky bracelet – Accessorize Export-Reject Stall, Rs. 100 (it’s my sister’s)

What do you think of the entire look? 




10 thoughts on “Orange Overdose?

  1. Its so pweety…so summery…ur my fashion consultant….im gonna make use of ur innate sense of style and flair before u become famous

  2. Gorgeous! 9 on 10 …All that’s missing is the look of your lovely wavy tresses…let us have a look at your hair already! take me shopping

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