I have a new fondness for sling-purses. The Chanel one is a favourite and I think it would go great with a party look or on a night out, and the second one is more functional and can be carried everyday. Since I can’t afford the real deal, I thought I’d find export-rejects of Chanel and Zara but I haven’t been able to. If you do know where I can buy these for cheap, please tell me! My friend, Judy*, told me she bought hers a long time ago at Forever New. I haven’t seen it at the store recently.

By the way, if you’re still clueless about what my blog is about, here you go. I started Jupiter Skye because:

  1. I thought of it as a project to help propell me further into fashion-writing, design and styling.
  2. I see it as a realm that offers you style advice, colourful products, fashion accessories, fashion-finds in your city, DIY accessories and clothes. On this blog, I also feature products and accessories by my very own line, Rosecraft.
  3. It’s a platform for me to learn about fashion and styling too. Alexa Chung is a recent discovery. :-)
  4. It keeps me happy (as you can probably see from all the colour). 

7 thoughts on “Sling-Binge

  1. Okay the Chanel sling purse is pretty hot. But for some reason I’m not so fond of the tan bag, it’s just not really my type. :)

  2. Hey Girl If you yet havent manged getting the bags, you can find them easily at hill road the lane next to sagar(you need to bargain) or at linking road the bag shops neasr Citwalk (again BARGAIN is a must).

  3. Ro! you can get a fake at Hayat Plaza in Dammam. They look like the real deal and vary anywhere between SR. 100 to SR. 50 :)

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