Flavours from Jodhpur!


It was a lazy, lazy Sunday today. I’m not complaining – it’s been a nice change. Due to the unexpected heavy downpour in Mumbai on Friday, I got treated to a four-day weekend. But like all good things come to an end (damn you Nelly Furtado), I’ll have to get back to the grind tomorrow morning. Anyway, I stepped out in the evening to go to the church and I didn’t want to wear anything fancy so I wore my white Cottonworld kurti with teal churidar leggings from Westside, and my Jodhpur mojaris.

The bracelet in the picture is an export-reject from Accessorize and, my sister bought it on Hill Road for just hundred bucks. It’s from the same guy who sells Accessorize rejects in Bandra. During the day, he sells necklaces but after 8pm, he brings out the other good stuff – bracelets, bobby pins and rings. 

Churidars – Westside, Rs. 399

Jodhpur mojaris – Rajasthan, Rs. 250

Bracelet – Fake Accessorize guy at Bandra, Rs. 100



4 thoughts on “Flavours from Jodhpur!

  1. I’m the sister who bought the Bracelet yo! :)I love the mojaris, I don’t just wear them on Indian, you know try to mix it up with a little Western too. :)

  2. Yeah, it would look hot on a shirt-dress with a leather belt. Ah, I feel like shopping at Colaba Causeway.

  3. Between Elco’s and Globus. There is a paani puri stall right in between these two landmarks – just on the side, you’ll see the makeshift stall. When you see his wares, you’ll know! Was this helpful?

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