A Kitsch in Time!


On Tuesday, I took a half-day from work to collate information and take pictures for my kitsch shopping piece. I had sooo much fun! The first place I went to was Attic. It’s this store in Santacruz (in the west) that I’d heard of through burrp. Because I knew so much about it, I was pumped to finally step inside the store. It’s a compact place with huge windows (no blinds) and the walls are painted in a French vanilla which makes the space bright and airy. Plenty of colour and interesting elements catch your eye once you’re inside Attic. Let me rattle off all the products I remember: hand-painted canvas shoes, wallets, laptop bags, Neil Dantas bags, Gaga clothes, wallets by Half Full, sandals by Sabbah Sharma, Cheap Sex boxers (in a jar, if you please) and, clothes and accessories by Quirk Box. Definitely unique but highly-priced, you would still want to see everything in the store. What I like best are the funky cropped jackets by Quirk Box (see extreme bottom right image in the picture). Once I earn enough $$$$, I’m definitely going to get one of those. I can think of a look already – cropped QB jacket + black leggings + solid colour work shirt + kolhapuris = Wowza!

The metal framework-jewellery (see extreme top right image in the picture) are strictly okay (Hello, bare any resemblance to the kinds going around? Why would you want to buy a framework of the cuegly owl for Rs. 1400 when you can buy it in corporeal form for 80 bucks?!). Now that’s a crappy deal. 

Owl necklace – Fake Accessorize guy (Bandra West), Rs. 80

Framework jewellery – Attic, Starts at Rs. 1400

Cropped vest jackets – Quirk Box, Attic, Starts at Rs. 2000



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