The Colour Purple


I feel like it’s been ages since I put up something on Jupiter Skye. Well, let’s make this worth your while then! I’ve done some nifty shopping these past two weekends: two cardigans for Rs. 300 (more on that later), a Vero Moda ring for Rs. 395 and three pairs of stockings for Rs. 420 :-) Now, I’m not a professional photographer but I try. I purchased two kinds of purple stockings – an opaque one in an ultra violet shade and the other is a sheer type in a maroon-ish shade. The black stockings aren’t in the photo but I bought them to use as a basic pair to combine with dresses. I clicked pictures of the purple stockings with my ballet flats to show variation.

Stockings are a nice and different trend to work a non-ugly yet convenient look for the rains. Combine your pairs with dresses, shorts or skirts. Don’t wear them with leather or suede ballet shoes in this season but don rubber ballet flats (Crocs has a good variety) instead.  You can keep it stylish in the monsoons without too much effort with this new wardrobe buy. Remember, just mix n’ match!

Maroon-purple stockings – Hill Road, Bandra (W), Rs. 120

UV stockings – Le Bijou (Bandra West), Rs. 180


5 thoughts on “The Colour Purple

  1. Roanna, I have a pale yellow dress for the big day and I have no idea what colour shoes to wear. I know i want them to be flats and maybe all shiny. The dress is the same colour dress Florence (from Florence + the Machines) wore to some awards ceremony (think it was the Grammys). Do you think an all-gold glitter ballet flat would work?

  2. I saw her dress… you could try wearing dull gold glitter ballet flats or slip-ons if you’re getting married on the beach! Another idea, perhaps satin style ballet shoes (like the dancing types but of a wearable and walkable nature) – am I making sense?

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