Flower Child

34 Flower Child

corsage (n) – a flower or small bunch of flowers worn pinned to the lapel, bosom or jacket, or around your wrist.

Earlier, I used to associate corsages with proms but now, I believe it can be used as a fashion accessory as well. The polka-dotted brown rose is one (it came with a brooch pin) that was attached to one of my handbags as part of its key chain, and the second felt flower in the picture used to be a Kenzo key chain (my best friend Sagan gave me this from back when he used to work at the JW Marriott store) that I later made over into a brooch! By the way, as a side note, June is already here and in Bombay, it has been hot and slightly cloudy, with no chance of rain or er… meatballs (that would be the day, huh, when food falls from the skies?). But I’m getting ahead of myself, so yeah, I was thinking that flowers can spruce up your outfit if you want to minimalise jewellery-wear for the summer and rains (sweaty skin + your trinket treasures = not a good combination).

What I would suggest is that you pick up corsages or look-alikes such as these in colours you like, and then, try making them into statement lapel pins yourselves (all you need is a brooch pin + nimble fingers). I’ll write a piece later on how you can do that, or if you can’t wait, here is an interesting tutorial to take up. Now, where, you ask, shall you find such corsages or craft materials to make yourself a beautiful brooch?

  • Something Special at Bandra + Pradhan at Lokhandwala (Bombay)
  • Accessorize Stores or Aldo Accessories Outlets
  • Stalls at Hill Road and Colaba Causeway (Bombay)
  • In the Local Train Compartments (Bombay) – Train-hawkers now sell hair bands that come adorned (cheesily though) with big carnations made of chiffon and what-not on them; you can easily separate them and make a nicer brooch or delicate bracelet out of the scraps.

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