Vanilla Spray


I would love to write for shopping and style on a professional basis – I’m trying to apply everywhere I can (fingers crossed). Being a stylist wouldn’t be so bad either! I see it as being someone who gains a fair idea of what the person, to be styled, is like and I dress them up based on that. What I’d need from them is a certain amount of money and a sensibility of what they feel comfortable wearing. That would be so much FUN! :-)

Anyway, as you can see in the picture, the skirt is something I found this weekend at Creative Handicrafts for Rs. 290. I don’t know if you can see the skirt clearly but it makes me think of spring, candied apples (okay, I know that’s a little bit like fall, more like Halloween so to speak) and red heart motifs. The skirt is super cute! A red three-fourth sleeved lycra-cotton top would look best on it with some minimal gold jewellery. 

P.S. check out the cute pouch of vanilla sugar on the left! It’s a souvenir from the Purple Foodie‘s baking class that Minila attended on Sunday (yes, yes, unrelated to what my blog is about but I put it in my post anyway – it makes me think of my new vanilla skirt).

The sugar tastes yummy, and smells of dream-dust and love (if these were things that had a scent).

Dream sparkles and vanilla,



2 thoughts on “Vanilla Spray

  1. I have an offer you’re free to refuse. So I got these tees a while back and since I’m eating too many donuts these days I don’t fit into them anymore. That and they shrunk. But I still love the prints and don’t wana give them away. Could you help? You have both the requirements you need:i. certain amount of money ii. and a sensibility of what I feel comfortable wearingLet me know, I’m waiting by the phone. :)

  2. Hahaha, I love your first sentence. I want to look at them and see what I can do – it’ll be an interesting DIY project. Show them to me. Now answer that call! ;-)

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