Hand of Fatima


The Accessorize guy on Hill Road (yeah, he’s the same guy I keep talking about) had this necklace at his makeshift stall yesterday. It looked like a similar necklace Accessorize had not too long ago – yes, the necklace on the left (see picture). When I saw the rustic-looking and unenamelled version of the former, I decided to buy it. It was just 50 bucks!

Oooh, and I read up some stuff online about the Hand Of Fatima and apparently, it’s a protective charm. This hand-shaped amulet is popular in the Middle East and North Africa; it works to ward off the evil eye. Well, I’m glad – I don’t want any curses and I could use some luck right now! If you’re looking to buy one of these, check out the shopping catalogues of Accessorize, Promod and Harrods. Maybe you’ll get lucky – don’t question Fatima. Surely, she’ll have a way of reaching you… haha.

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8 thoughts on “Hand of Fatima

  1. Hey Roanna, just came across your blog and really like it. its so pretty and colourful and love the stuff that you have styled and bought. Can you please, please, please tell me where the accessorize guy sits on Hill Road? :)

  2. Wow, you’re so sweet. He’s in this lane (not directly though) opposite Elco Arcade. The last shop/stall on your left. Look at the piece carefully, sometimes they’re just made with the Accessorize monogram but aren’t really the actual pieces.P.S. How did you come across my blog? Please tell me. :-)

  3. :) awww….. thank you for sharing the details with me!! me shall go today itself! I came across blog through the Couture Gypsy… I follow her on FB and she shared your blog today. you really have a great blog.

  4. Ohh!! I didn’t know that Latha posted my blog link on her page. Thank you. I feel especially nice that you checked it out! I sense I’m making this awkward. Bye then, have fun shopping!

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