I’ve got a lot of favourites when it comes to the pieces of jewellery that I’ve collected and bought over the years. These three are in my current list and I thought I’d share it with you guys. :-) The ring is one that I picked up from Silver Streak this year for Rs. 600 – love the intricate detailed design. The two necklaces are pieces I bought in late 2010. My one-legged robot was found at Colaba Causeway; got this guy home at a price of Rs. 100. He had his left leg when I bought him but lost it in battle :-( I think he’s still got charm though. A lot of my friends have taken to him! And yes, the heart necklace on the extreme right is my very first purchase from Accessorize (SR 65) – I love this one so much. Nearly half of the stones have fallen out but I still like this piece – I’ve worn it with so many of my clothes. It’s got this old charm and vintage prettiness.


2 thoughts on “Iron-willed

  1. I love the one-legged robot! Reminds me of the robot from the Coldplay video. BTW Ro that song is perfect for you right now ;)

  2. Which song? I like him too. He reminds me of this story I liked while growing up: The Constant Tin Soldier.

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