Guess what? I finally found a shoe store in Lokhandwala that sells exactly the kind of ballet flats I’ve been looking for! There are shoe stores all over this area. I found Viola somewhere towards the middle of the street (my cousin, Sasha – she’s also the leg model in this picture – actually spotted it first). So yeah, I got damn excited! I bought the black ones and Sasha took the hot pink ones home. There was an electric blue pair that I’m thinking of picking up later. Oh yeah, most importantly: the ballet flats cost us Rs. 650 each – not too bad, right? :-) Go, girls, get your pairs soon. It’s lovely fashion, cheap and chic. There’s another post I want to put up soon – I bought three more jholas from Golmaal in Andheri. You have so got to see the bags – so pretty.


4 thoughts on “Shoe-bite

  1. i love these!!! and i am gonna grab my pair soon!!!!thank you for this one!! i like your blog! it is phun!!!

  2. I love these! I’m buying a pair in black too. Ro, this is really helpful. I have terribly sensitive feet and get shoe bites sooo often that I can only wear felt shoes now. Feel like an elf or something but what to do? :(

  3. @Ashwita: it just means so much that you took the time to read! Btw, Lokhandwala is my new Alibaba’s cave – it is loaded with cool stuff.@Schumi: Yeah!!! You should – you have pretty feet but I think you’d like these. I bought the black pair. There’s another black pair just like this but with felt black flower motifs on them – Rs. 690. You can have a look at those too.@Rohishia: it’s a date ;-)

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