I was going through my friend Mira’s (who is a graphic designer) work online and she is pretty amazing. See for yourself. Anyway, I got totally inspired and decided to work on a header for this blog as well as a visiting card for myself representing Jupiter Skye. I can’t think of what elements should go into my header or what script or font to use yet. My basic idea would be to use objects like a pair of red shoes, shopping bags, a mascara wand and hearts. For the script, I’m thinking of a cursive style with pretty curlicues. Let’s see! I hope I complete these two projects soon. Oooh, and the picture above is of my scane threads. I’m either going to use it to make a funky necklace with beads or to decorate my iPod wires. My blog is now four months old – what do you think of it?


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