Back to Black!


This is the look I have in mind for my parents’ silver anniversary next week.

DRESS:  FCUK Sashie stretch dress (in black) – my only FCUK purchase sponspored by Mom. Damage – Rs. 4999

BLING: Mom’s old jewellery donated to me; it’s a necklace and bracelet set that is gold, bronze and silver plated + a fancy ornate or cocktail ring.

DIGIT-WEAR: Basic black or a crimson hue.

MAKE-UP: Nude gloss, smokey eyes (like Mila Kunis here). Sometimes I like to think I could look a little like Mila Kunis. Come on, I’m a fairly imaginative girl! Haha.

FOOT-WEAR: Peep-toe pumps. On account of limited funds, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to purchase these and the pair I’ve featured here is from Miu Miu (glitter peep-toe pumps and way too expensive for me) but I think that a pair like this would look great with the dress. 

Sigh! Being fashionable is tough. And super expensive!


10 thoughts on “Back to Black!

  1. I like it! Black and gold always rocks. Please curl your hair Ro you’ll look smokin’! I’ll talk to you in person about this :)

  2. I bought these shoes from a regular shoe store on Linking Road yesterday. They’re a dull gold. More ash-blonde. The design is such that it covers the front of my foot in a twisted toffee-wrapper pattern (also like it’s plaid). They’re stilettos. I think they go with my dress.

  3. I was gonna get a nude tone instead hehe :-) Since, it’s a formal affair, I couldn’t really have fun with a colour but thanks for the suggestion. Who are you, Dazzlin Dan?

  4. Having a black dress is a necessity, you can’t do without one. :)Don’t let me get started on the shoes, AMAZING.

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