Lip Smackers


Remember back in the day when Lip Smackers was really big? At least, when I was growing up back in the Middle East, it used to be. They had every edible sweet flavour I could think of then: cherry, vanilla, Dr. Pepper, watermelon, coffee, coconut, cotton candy. I liked them because they were priced reasonably, pocket-sized, cute and very colourful. Lip Smackers even sold lip-balms in pots for about six riyals (that’s like 60 rupees) each. Not bad, huh? I think flavoured chapsticks are the best way to keep your lips healthy, smelling and tasting good (your boyfriend will never get enough of your lips)! Here’s a picture of them so that you know what I’m talking about. Of course, now I love The Body Shop lip balms; my favourite is the Cranberry Shimmer one. 


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