Iridescent Orange


I go gaga over bright, loud colours. The colour that’s at the top of my list right now is iridescent orange. The colour is just so me this summer! Yesterday, I picked up a really nice nail paint in an orange shade (it’s more like coral and pink mixed together) from the Bourjois counter at Lifestyle. They were also selling my favourite eye liner and I bought it. I’ve always liked Bourjois as a make-up brand; it’s a clear favourite of my mom as well. She used to own a couple of eye shadows, eye pencils and rouges (cheek powder) back in the day. :-)

Here’s my take on the two products I bought:

So Laque! nail paint 

SHADE: Tangerine fatal 33

PRICE: Rs. 350

My digits have never looked this bright or this attention-seeking and honestly, I love it. It looks very retro on an olive skin tone. On the bottle, the nail lacquer guarantees that the application will give you a super glossy coat (TRUE) and the paint should be good to go for 7 days i.e, it’s chip-resistant and all that (that, I have to see).

Rating: 9 on 10

Contour Clubbing eye liner 

SHADE: 46 bleu néon

PRICE: Rs. 335

It‘s completely waterproof, non-smudgy and doesn’t bleed or smear out. This colour is my favourite shade of blue for my peepers. If you like blue eye liners, this easily is your best buy. M.A.C and Lancôme have some eye pencils in similar tones but arguably, they cost you much more. This eye liner holds true to its name; it’s pretty awesome for night wear. 

Rating: 10 on 10

**Skull ring – Blur Designs (Esbeda) – Rs. 190


2 thoughts on “Iridescent Orange

  1. I have a similar shade of this nail polish but mine is more orange than pink. I got it at Claire’s in Saudi Arabia. Mine was like 20 SR. :)

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