I picked up these random pieces of clothing/accessories off the internet and put them together for a very cool summer-girl look. You like? I love. :-)


1. Basic black tank – It’s okay to buy yourself a tank t-shirt such as this from Zara or Mango – it will last longer than you think.

2. Inverted tulip skirt by Dorothy Perkins – Look for variations at Colaba Causeway, Hill Road and Lokhandwala.

 3. Gold bangle bracelets – You can get these at Colaba Causeway or even in the train. I picked up a bracelet like this for Rs. 35.

4. Orange ballet flats – For this, you will have to scourge places for a pair. The thing is it would be silly to spend so much on a branded pair. Look for cheaper alternatives at bazaars, flea markets or boutiques.

You can tuck your black tank into the skirt and wear the outfit with orange ballet flats. I think dull gold bling would add more girliness to the look. Tie your hair up in a messy bun with wisps of hair let loose at the back of your neck and behind your ears. If you trim your nails, you can apply black nail-paint as well. Spray on a light, summery perfume: Hugo Boss Orange (my personal favourite) and you are all set. 

This look would be great for a breezy day at office, a lunch/brunch date, shopping or just to spend a day out with your girls.

NOTE: Hugo Boss Orange has notes of vanilla and orange combined with a woody scent. 


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