Vintage Pretty

So the summer is here and I can’t help but think of cute, colourful dresses to beat the heat. I’m thinking of:


  1. Floppy hats – These would actually be so pretty and vintage. I don’t know if I’d ever wear them because I’m usually so conscious but you never know. I’d like to hide my face under it (smiles).
  2. Flowy, chiffon dresses (with layers) – I want to buy a lot of these in different prints. 
  3. Chiffon skirts with an elastic waist-band – Two words. Get ’em!
  4. Wayfarer glares
  5. Coral lipstick
  6. Charm necklaces – Dainty, pretty (check out Accessorize, Ruche, Etsy, Pieces for some great deals).
  7. Beaded bracelets – I’m relying on my nimble fingers to make them.
  8. Leather gladiator sandals
  9. Leather thongs
  10. Thin belts
  11. Shorts
  12. Pastel shades
  13. Sunscreen – I gotta load up on some Banana Boat.
  14. Canvas totes
  15. Canvas shoes (flats and loafer-sneakers) – I bought a pair of canvas teal ballet flats from Lifestyle in Malad for Rs. 400 – score! I’m in two minds: leave them be or paint on them? Tell me what you think.



3 thoughts on “Vintage Pretty

  1. Ro uv got my checklist of my wardrobe right there!!fyi..i do wear a floppy hat on sunny days at work..ALDO has some crazy ones..ZARAs got a great big black one right now in collection.

  2. and sunscreen—try ultragaurd..spf 40 for your face…u get it only at the medical oppisite baba hospital…its absolutely sheer..n doesnt make ur face go white like most other sunblocks do..n boots got a great one for the body!

  3. Hahaha woooo! I want a black floppy – so cute, so fun. I finished my sunscreen so I might just take you up on the Ultraguard suggestion :-)

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