Roanna says:

These are a few of the trends I’d like to follow this year:


  • Navy blue nail paint  I’m gonna hunt for a cheaper variety. Chanel’s Blue Satin shade is perfect but is way too hard on my pocket.
  • Faux fur leopard print ballet flats (reference: Zara) – How do I afford them? :-(
  • Loafers – I bought these gray-black ones off off Hill Road last week in Bandra. They cost me Rs. 300 but I love how they look; and they’re super comfortable.
  • Coloured trousers (Zara) – Now obviously for me, picking these up from Zara is salary suicide! But I hope that the Zara stores in Saudi Arabia will be retailing them for a lesser figure. :-) Or if my parents decide that I’m an ideal daughter and buy them for me. I’d love to pick up all the colours if I could. For now though, my heart is set on the green pair.


  • Bib necklaces – The last time I went to Bandra, I hoped that the guy  who sells export-rejects of Accessorize jewellery on Hill Road would have a few nice pieces but he didn’t. Hopefully, in the coming weeks, he should and I can pick up some fancy bib-bling for a reasonable price.
  • Suede/leather thongs
  • Curls – Ever since my hair has been showing promise by growing out, I love the way my hair softly curls on its own after a shower. An unruly mass of curls can be very attractive on a girl. However, unless it’s Einstein you’re paying homage to or you’ve suffered from an electrocution, do set your curls right. Use hair gel, leave-in conditioner, whatever works. If you find awesome products, tell me because I could use some hair advice too.
  • Translucent leggings – Ladies, if you pick these up in four basic colours, you’re set. Nope, it’s not going to look trashy. The style is very 70s and Cyndi Lauper-ish and trust me, this is a must-have. You can pair your leggings with long tees et closed pointed heels or ballet flats. Buy a pair at Le Bijou in Bandra; they would cost you Rs. 190.
  • Floppy hats – I’m not sure if I’d ever buy or sport one but because of the killing summer heat (40 degrees and soaring), I’m guessing that I might cave in. Pick the right hat or you will be laughed at!


2 thoughts on “Roanna says:

  1. I love loud pants too but the farthest I’ve managed to go is orange PJs. :) Also for the curls I only have three words (or is it two cuz one is repeated?) Bumble and Bumble’ve tried them all and they work like magic! Loopy Curls avada kedavra or whatever!

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