What a Hoot!


Yes, it’s Sonam Kapoor again. This isn’t going to be my last post related to her. In fact, she is gonna be featured on my blog pretty prominently. I loved her look in Aisha. I wish I could carry off the black suit look some day! She wore this to the film’s premiere. I love it – it’s careless and sexy. The attire is so fabulously androgynous – shoulder pads, nude corset bustier, animal print flats, messy bun and minimal jewellery. Very clever.

I haven’t been following LFW closely but here’s what I’ve learned through bits and pieces in the newspaper (and from online sources) about what’s currently IN:

  1. Fuchsia lipstick
  2. Spectacle frames (of the Ray-Ban wayfarer variety)
  3. Ruffles – Preferably chiffon. They look great as multiple layers over a stretchy inverted tulip skirt. If you’ve got a good derrière, this skirt shall be your weapon to conquer men and how!
  4. Green footwear (stilettos, pumps, mojris, kolhapuris, slippers)
  5. Shoulder pads
  6. Bib necklaces
  7. Ballerina buns

Animal Farm 


Animal jewellery is getting popular! First, Promod began with their cutesy owls. Now, you will be able to see the owl prominently in most Accessorize outlets on their necklaces, Vero Moda outlets (on hairpins, felt keychains), Aldo Accessories (on rings, keychains) and yes, even the streets of Bandra and Colaba. Other than hearing the varied hoots of the owl, now you can find accessories that use elephants, dragonflies, peacocks, fish (weird, huh? By the way, also – super ugly), leopards, lions and frogs as pendants or bracelet charms. The only animal pendant I own is a leopard whom I’ve given green eyes to. I don’t have an owl yet; the cheaper versions on the road look kind of creepy.


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