Whatta Find!


The other day when I was in Lokhandwala for a spa massage, I came across this colourful clothing & accessory boutique called Golmaal (what’s in a name, anyway?). They had some pretty decent pieces of clothing; chiffon ruffled layered skirts with elastic waist-bands, dressy tops and a few summer dresses. I liked the jewellery too: ethnic (gold & silver), boho (square wooden beads) and party pieces but they were expensively priced (the good news is that if you have a good eye and look hard enough, you can find the same stuff on the streets of Colaba or Bandra for much lesser). The best part about visiting this boutique was to pick up these jholas (cloth bags; also see pic above). They were a steal: Rs. 10 each – hahaha, BOO YEAH! Pretty awesome, huh? I bought a pink one with white polka dots, a black one and a colourful purple one. Lovely for the summer and for when you don’t have too much to carry around. Bargain buy, indeed.


2 thoughts on “Whatta Find!

  1. Love this one! This is precisely why I love visiting your blog. You know all the cool spots for cool shopping in Bombay. :D

  2. Thank you but I still don’t know of all the cool shopping places around. As and when I find some cool stores, I’ll update them out here. :-) It means so much that you think so!

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