Lavender Brown


DRESS: Lavender chiffon with tiered lace detailing & a grosgrain ribbon waist


HAIRSTYLE: Grecian bun

MAKE-UP: Smoky eyes & a nude pink lipstick shade

I loved Mila Kunis’s look at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards this year. Classy, beautiful and sexy all at the same time. The lace elements in the Beirut designer’s creation showed us glimpses of her skin in the right places (especially the gauzy lace under the dress just covering her boobs; sexy, very hot). It’s why this one is a winner for me. Kunis is a pretty actress (whether it’s her casual-retro American look in That 70’s Show or more recently her edgy goth look in Black Swan, I love her style), she’s American but here, to me, she looks like a Greek princess. The dress brings out a soft, delicate side to her. What do you think?

*Grosgrain is a fabric characterised by its ribbed appearance and is a firm, close-woven, fine-corded fabric. 



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