Couleur et Sparkly


I have a confession to make: I get attracted by colourful and shiny objects. So sue me! I visited a cool silver store in Bandra (on Manuel Gonsalves road – my ex-hostel lane) today because Emily and her friend, Mushroom told me about it: Silver Streak :-)

This is what I think about the store –

Range: Wide. Lovely, intricate collection of pendants, earrings, ornate rings, vintage stuff.
Store: Neat, uncluttered, spacious.
Sales-person: Sweet, helpful, knowledgeable
Purchases: A square ring (extreme left top in the picture) for 1220 Rs. and a filigree one for 600 Rs. The square ring is going to look so hot with my white Oasis dress and my imaginary black suede peep-toe pumps. :-)
Verdict: This place is way better than Curio Cottage and way more reasonably-priced. You’ll be surprised at what you might find here. Damn cool stuff. :-)

Oh and the picture on the extreme right top is a bracelet I made. It actually started out as a necklace but yeah…! I think it’s neat: I made it with black and purple beads. When do I get my tattoo (the snowflakes are on KC’s back – pretty, aren’t they)? It seems like I’ve been planning it forever. I need to complete the design in my head and go get it done. ASAP! Amen. 


2 thoughts on “Couleur et Sparkly

  1. Why Ro?! Who gave you those beautiful beads? And how do you repay: by putting up my love-rival’s tat on your blog! :'(

  2. I bought the purple ones in Colaba and yes, I forgot: the cool black beads that were so generously given to me by friend, Schumi! Thank you. :-) I’ll take a better picture of the bracelet and put it up.

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