February will always be one of my favourite months. It’s the month I was born in. So twenty-four years later and 70 per cent wiser, here I am. I’m getting older! For my birthday, I wore a bargain-buy teal skirt from Topshop paired with a brown puff-sleeved top from Zara, and on my feet – suede brown thongs – not bad, huh? My friends seemed to think so. The hair is also growing back (finally). I want it to grow some more so I can get colour (blue/purple/fuchsia) on it. Cool gifts were received from my best mates.

I did a lot of shopping post my birthday. My most extravagant buy was my second bottle of YSL Elle for Rs. 4950! But I received a 50 ml shower gel and moisturiser along with it; the sales-lady threw in a free YSL lipgloss on account of my birthday. Score! YSL Elle is my favourite perfume. It’s mysterious and totally intense. If only you could mouse over this virtual page and get a whiff of it. It’s my party perfume, birthday perfume and boyfriend perfume all rolled into one!


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