Fashion Icons ???


There are many people whom I look up to as style icons (celebs and real peeps). Having said so, for me, Sonam Kapoor makes the top of my list. Sure, the girl has to go through a decade of films before she proves her mettle in the movie industry (was I being harsh? Let’s give her five more years) but when it comes to fashion, Ms. Kapoor gets it bang on (yes, I’m talking about AISHA). Her sense of style is amazing – she combines accessories and clothes in killer looks.

AISHA might have been three hours of excessive boredom (not to mention Sonam’s grating voice) but the clothes were a saving grace. From Sonam Kapoor to Ira Dubey to Lisa Haydon, everyone had an attire to kill for (that any fashion-conscious girl would kill for). There were Victorian hats, fedoras, cutesy sling-purses, retro shades – like the Ray-Ban Wayfarers, billowy chiffon blouses, dressy trousers, lace, vintage dresses, chunky rings, black nail paint, and other exciting elements in the movie. 

Now, back to my list of well-dressed peeps.

The hot (famous) strangers:

  1. Sonam Kapoor
  2. Ira Dubey
  3. Jennifer Aniston
  4. Rachel Bilson
  5. Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders in HIMYM)
  6. Amanda Mascarenhas
  7. Blake Lively
  8. Audrey Hepburn

Peeps I know:

  1. Andrea Fernandes
  2. Prakriti Sharma
  3. Richaa Agarwal
  4. Michelle Xalxo
  5. Lagna Das
  6. Mallika D’Sylva
  7. Nidhi Singh
  8. Sumedha Deo
  9. Neha Arora
  10. Divya Jagwani

5 thoughts on “Fashion Icons ???

  1. Much obliged! I shall make an effort to stay on that list of yours. I realize how my "fashion" is a total anti-thesis of yours (I don’t wear jewelry, cool shoes or girly stuff) so making this list is kinda an ego-boost. :) Thanks sweetie!

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