So I met Judy* (my ex-college mate) after a long time, and meeting her was a lot of fun. I picked the latter half of my working day to go scouting for cool shopping and eating places in Bandra for a story I’m writing. That’s when I decided to meet J if she was free. In my travels, I found this gay-friendly store called D’Kloset, that’s on the right of Avenger Toys (a store that sells collectibles and action figurines including Jacob and Edward dolls, Harry Potter dolls and characters from The Simpsons). I got very chatty with both of the store owners who were especially helpful and friendly.

D’Kloset is an exciting find as a clothing store. Yes, it is a men’s store but has such colourful clothing that women like me would love to wear. I liked the t-shirts a lot (they start at Rs. 399), printed socks and the cool dhoti-styled pants. Maybe next month, I’d pick up one of the oversize shirts in either yellow, tomato-red or purple. :-) I bought Costaroo* a pair of cool shoe-print socks. Oh, and also another neat feature of Inder’s store and display was that the t-shirts were arranged in a VIBGYOR manner (very rainbowish). Though the store has plenty of colour going on, it doesn’t look jazzy at all.

The necklace that you can see above really fascinates me. I love it! Okay Emily, Chloé, Bouncie and Judy think it’s fugly but there’s something special about it. I think when paired and worn with the right clothes, it would look fabulous. What do you think, guys? I thought it would be a crime against fashion to not pick it up. It’s just so colourful. 


5 thoughts on “Jaded

  1. You’re the first person other than me to say that! I do really like it a lot and think it would look absolutely stunning when paired right. Thanks for asserting that, Michelle. :-)

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