Take Two

Okay, guys, so this is my second post on my new blog and yes, I haven’t put up a lot of cool pictures yet but I hope to, real soon. For now, here’s a list of fashion must-haves in 2011 (for me) – you can see if they apply to you as well. Here goes:


  1. Boyfriend jacket
  2. Sleeveless denim cropped waistcoat – Refer to the illustration I made above. It’s how I’d want my waistcoat to look like. I’m getting one stitched in black silk and cotton/linen (with help from Judy) and I’ll embellish it myself. Better than buying a similar one at Zara for Rs. 2590 (you can’t be serious)!
  3. Bib necklace – I saw some decent ones at Besos on Hill Road (Bandra). However, none of them caught my fancy. 
  4. Chunky stone rings
  5. Red lipstick – I saw this really nice Christmassy red shade at The Body Shop but I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to carry it off so I put it back at the counter. It’s Rs. 575.
  6. Black eye shadowI wanna figure out how to do the smoky eyes look. Also, I’d love to get a nude-glimmer eye shadow and a blue one. The nude look is in right now and would look great on Indian skin. 
  7. Deep purple sheer stockings – It’d go great with my grey woolly dress from Oasis.
  8. White button-down shirt
  9. Bangle bracelets – These would be like the ones that are available at Accessorize currently but are over-priced at 800 bucks (INR) for a set of seven bracelets. They’re easy to make if you have the time (all you need are slightly bigger seed beads and elastic thread).
  10. Yellow sundress – This is a dress I wanna get for my 24th birthday. Any ideas where I might be able to find one? I’m thinking of a sleeveless dress, with pockets on both sides, knee-length.
  11. Silverish-gold gladiators
  12. Midnight blue eyeliner – I am a big fan of blue eyeliners. So far the best ones I’ve used are from Avon and Bourjois (Contour Clubbing – Neon Bleu). Blue makes your peepers shine (especially when it comes to Indian skin). The Bourjois one is fantastic because it’s waterproof, and lasts for 12 hours (no touch-ups). I’ve also been thinking of a deeper shade, like a midnight sky.
  13. Black peep-toe pumps – From Très Mode? Too expensive right? I’ll have to think of better options for this one. But mostly I’d like my pair to be velvetish/suede.
  14. Gold skirt (Mango) I saw this skirt at Mango but its sale price is Rs. 1700. The skirt looks very hot and it’s a wrap-around.
  15. Skinny jeans (Levi’s) – Yes, I am a tad bit tempted by the new Levi’s Curve ID ad. Plus my favourite pair of jeans are wearing off and getting baggier by the day! I can only hope it means that I’ve dropped a waist size but my weighing scale says otherwise.
  16. Chiffon layered skirt – I’ll try describing it here. The waist is an elastic band with the skirt falling in equal chiffon-y layers with bold graphic prints on them. I think my sister, Cynica* has one. I’ll put up a picture here later.
  17. Olive Green Pants (Straight) 



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