Let me introduce myself. I’m Roanna Fernandes and I love illustrating, styling, shopping, fashion, accessories, men, food and a whole bunch of the most random things and people. At first, I thought I’d merge this blog with the one that I own on blogger but after I imported that one here, realisation struck! I didn’t want to let that blog lose its identity. So to speak, I want this new one to have its own. Yeah, before I get verbose here (as my boss would like to say) or spill too many words, this blog is going to be my fashion & art podium. They’re two elements that I’ve lately begun to love to inter-weave with each other. I’d like to share this blog with like-minded souls like yourselves in this virtual space. Cool: check. Colour: check. Crazy: check. Jupiter Skye


This is where I hope to share my style, my ideas for clothes and accessories, artist-y things that I love and stuff like that. It’s going to solely showcase my two favourite elements: fashion and yes, art. :-) 

P.S. I know my English is a mix of Brit and American topped with a few Hindi words here and there. Let that pass. Mucho amore!


3 thoughts on “Aloha

  1. Funny how you say "…my English is a mix of Brit, American with a little bit of Hindi…" and end it with Spanish! Ro, you’re too cute!

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