195 Happythankyoumoreplease

Can we take a moment to be thankful for everything? Can we smile a bit more? Can we be happier for those around us? Can we let go? Can we forgive each other? Can we just be and bask in the awesomeness of life? Can we fall in love more with life? Can we ask for help when needed? Can we be nicer to people? Can we say something nice? Can we sit by the sea and read a book in solitude? Can we give a bit more? Can we loosen our hold on material things? Can we flake away false promises? Can we eat healthier? Can we be wiser? Can we thank people when they close and open a door for you to walk through? Can we smile kindly at the old lady who used her crutch to signal and help you find a rickshaw? Can we buy flowers for our mothers every week? Can we be happy for our friends who saw a beautiful city that we get to see through their eyes? Can we put out more positive vies out there? Can we admit our failings and seek professional help? Can we ask a best friend for guidance? Can we ask an ex-friend, boyfriend, lover, partner etc. for guidance on a random subject? Can we just call them because we feel the urge to? Can we be sillier? Can we laugh about it, later? Can we live alone, and independently? Can we unflinchingly give away a chunk of money to someone who might need it more? Can we do more? Can we save the world? Can we please be more thankful? Can we pretend to not be as fucked up as we usually are? Can we please give credit where it’s due? Can we love honestly and unabashedly? Can we cringe less at flaws? Can we like what we see in the mirror? Can we not curse when someone treads on our toes? Can we say goodbye, in person, in finality? Can we be more appreciative? Can we cook, clean and look after ourselves?


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


194 Make-A-Washi

Remember when I kept on harping about washi tape? I mean, not over here, but on my Facebook page. And well, I did know of one place that retails it online from within India, Ricco Crafts, and I bookmarked it for the longest time ever, forgot about it, and asked around again – this year! Anyway, I remember having a conversation with The Closet Cook back when we used to work together (at The Label Corp, yep!) a few months ago… And she introduced me to the charms of Anupam. Yep, I know – big idiot = ME! – for not knowing better before, because I knew about Anupam, not that it stocked washi tapes in well, so many colours of the rainbow and then some more BUT because even stationery wise, I was like, really. That was my judgmental past! THANK YOU, NUPUR RELEKAR! I own more than a couple of rolls now, and I know where to refresh my stock every time I finish up a roll. And get this! One roll = Rs. 70. Right here in the city! Who woulda thunk?! Well, you could thank me but I would suggest that you direct your thanks, all here: CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK.


Artwork  & Picture by Roanna Fernandes 

Laws of Attraction

193 Laws of Attraction

Okay, I promised I would have an explanation for you! (Read the previous post, for some background.) And the words you will read are ones I wrote when I was in a weird, emotional slump but I am very, very okay now. Decided to publish this post anyway because didn’t want to seem dishonest. So there! Also, the question above is one I ask with candor, with a grin on my face… As I am curious. Genuinely! Tell you what I think, that I’ll have this BLOG forever. But is that too presumptuous of me? That’s why, tell me about your babies and what you think of them, where they will be, how they would grow, etc. Sorry to get all interview-ie on you.

And now, here’s the emotional slumping (written two days ago + saved it as a draft): Well, most of it! (Don’t hate!) Put it in quotes for your benefit. Too much of blah-blah, and gah-gah but couldn’t bring myself to scrap some sentences for the sake of being true to one’s self. 

“There’s so much I want to do with this space but once again, I feel at a loss of words! (Even considered playing on the words in the title and calling the post, Loss of Attraction.) For the longest time ever, I haven’t been able to write, here. Haven’t been taking pictures of the products I’ve bought, all of my new clothes, shoes, nothing, NADA. Why? It’s the worst sort of emotional slump, taking abode in my brain and body. I think it will change, soon. I can’t not write, anymore, right? It happens to the best of us. I think! How are you? Ooh, btw, I am proud to say that I have edited and added details for all the PAGES on my blog. Good work on my part, yes?

Which reminds me, need to post some work too that I’ve done (PRESENT DAY: As you can see, I’ve done that already!), and terribly LOVE. (Chanced upon a delightful writer by the name of Rainbow Rowell at Crossword, last weekend! Didn’t pick up a book by HER though I desperately wanted to, the mother-ship would have murdered me. But yes, downloaded a few of her works online. Reading Attachments which is unfolding really, really nicely. Let’s see what happens, eh?)”

P.S. Finished reading the book, and I highly recommend it! Don’t forget to pick up a copy of The Juice magazine by JABONG, there’s an artwork I made for them that resides on page 38. Ooh, and it’s the issue with Sonakshi Sinha on the COVER! One more last thing, sorry to inform you but I have decided to temporarily discontinue the typeface series on the BLOG. Couldn’t bring myself to work on it, and I kept putting it off only to realise I was simply too bored to continue with it as a series anymore. Forgive me, dear friends! Take care.


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes

Juice of My Heart

192 Juice of My Heart

There will be a proper explanation (of sorts) in regard to my absence from the BLOG! But for now, I hope you will take the time to revel in this piece of work that’s very close to my heart. Created this illustration for The Juice by JABONG – it’s a print magazine dedicated to interpreting fashion in a friendlier manner (you can read it online, too) that they have recently launched; I’m already a fan, and so I contacted them some time ago asking for a head’s up on interesting projects. This is the first one that came my way, and it was something I was especially pleased to work on! Totally proud of this artwork, what do you think? (This one illustrates the contents-slash-insides of designer, Priyadarshini Rao’s handbag!)

P.S. When do you get the chance to flip through this month’s edition (Sonakshi Sinha is on the COVER!), turn to page 38, and you’ll see this baby. Eep, sooo excited! Thank you, Aditi (Sharma) of The Juice for making this happen! Truly grateful. Woo. :-)


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes