Cheek to Cheek

226 Cheek to Cheek

I can’t remember if it was last year, or the one before that, when I was first heard of Sleek MakeUP… But I do recall reading about the brand on Magali’s blog, Blue Skies, Calm Seas & Me – and it was the blush (a very warm orange tint) that she talked about, there. Because it seemed like an unusual choice yet somehow a really flattering shade for your skin (read the full post on Em’s blog, and you will know what I mean), I thought about ordering the blush for a good, long time. Still haven’t, but recently when I was wasting time on the interwebz and going through their website, I spotted this other beautiful shade!

Okay, so at first sight, Antique (yep, that’s the name of the shade – don’t you love it more?) does appear to be rather dull but definitely earthy… I found a few reviews that were written online, and it seemed like a really, really mellow shade. The thing is that it’s kind of like a blend between earthy and mauve tones, and appears to possess faint traces of shimmer (you know how much I like shiny body and face powders)… From the blog posts that I read and pictures seen, it does look incredible on most skin tones, and ooh, it would be such a dreamy pick for summer; it’s basic, rosy, soft, understated. I WANT TO ORDER IT! (But restraining myself, just for now, SIGH.)

P.S. I don’t think it’s too expensive for $6.99 but I am not sure what it would be like totally, when you take into account its shipping charges? Luxola does not have this shade (DAMN!) though they do retail most of the other shades (talking specifically about their blush powders) from Sleek MakeUP on their website.


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes

Walnutella Street

225 Walnutella Street

As one might be able to tell, I have been doodling/drawing/practising/writing a lot more with my tablet, and it is really fun! Definitely one of the better investments of my life (no matter how inexpensive the tablet actually was), and I would recommend it to all my other illustrator friends out there. ♥ (Eddereenie + Schmoochita)

Okay, also, really grateful to Amrita Rana for bringing dark chocolate walnut butter into all of our lives (mine, mostly)… Wouldn’t have discovered its “wonderfulness,” had she not been selling it through her blog + shop, Life ki Recipe – so yeah! I bought a bottle of it from her two months ago (I think) and the butter really made an impression on my palate. It was just so good! And one thing led to another, discovered a recipe online, and started making bottles of the stuff for everyone at home – all of last month. :-)

Another mention of thanks belongs to Edlyn D’Souza who told me about They Draw & Cook – a website that features illustrated recipes from folks all over the world, submitted my first contribution which was just published – and I aspire to send them another one for the month. Been pushing Eddy to send in some of hers too, she has a beautiful, water-colour vegetable heart that she illustrated on paper sometime ago but yes… I hope she does because she is the one who introduced me to They Draw & Cook in the first place! And she has original recipes to contribute, unlike adapted ones like me. (Also, dang, this girl is a cool cat.)

P.S. This post was about gratitude! Ooh, and you can view my complete submission on the They Draw & Cook, here – it looks okay, and I need to still figure out the colouring-in scenes as opposed to filling outlines in using the Paint Bucket Tool on Photoshop, you know? I do feel really grateful to Nate Padavick and Salli Swindell for publishing it, let’s hope that this will translate/transpire to more goodness for me. Too self-absorbed? Other than that, I am mostly well. How are you, friend?


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes

Dark Places

224 Dark Places

Okay, call it “March Madness” if you will but every March since 2012 has been similar (not odd at all) but yes, very similar when I think about it now! Like every March – it’s refreshing and new, as if I’ve been woken from a weird spell, or it’s about a cleansing jig, and usually involves me taking necessary steps to bring good into my life; especially when it comes to my health (body + mind). Really weird, really cool? Eh. And you know what? I think I like this feeling. I like these Marches. They’re helpful to me. :-)

Also, I thought you should know that it’s okay. Little is enough. Okay is enough. And happy is more than enough! I think we fool ourselves sometimes, and tread on a path that’s not bad/good but sometimes not really necessary, too. Constants are boring. (Says the girl who has been talking about a pattern of Marches.) But yeah! Whatever you’re doing is good, perfect even, lovely… Don’t confuse it with ambition if you are. 

Ah, you’re getting me wrong. I like ambition, it’s nice. Awh heck, I felt ambitious when I began writing this post… I still do. But what I’m saying is that it’s over-rated at times. We put pressure on ourselves and others do, and it worries us so - and it’s just that - you don’t need that, sometimes! We like being heard. Listening is hard, I’ll admit. LOVE is harder! Do what you gotta do. Achievements come in all shapes and sizes. They’re an unconventional bunch. They were meant to not fit with everyone’s ideals of them, or how they’re supposed to be. They strut confidently, they’re aloof… Make them yours. They’re what make you who you are. Reeeeally. This took me a while to believe!

Ooh, by no means am I an expert – no fricking way. Nor am I trying to be poetic about it. That’s the point! I feel beautiful just being. I like the words – believing, creating, dreaming, doing. I’m a little skeptical about AMBITION at the mo., ACHIEVEMENTS too. They don’t scare me but they’re just pretty to look at. (Do you think that they look that way by how I’ve written them?) I don’t know! Sorry, if this post doesn’t help you, by manner of speaking – or simply just sucks donkey balls.

P.S.  The Jupiter Skye Shop will be stocked with some new lovelies by the twelfth! I think I’ll be very excited if you order something, D-UH. Lots of love to every person reading this! You’re you. You’re enough. AMOUR!


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


223 Aquamarine

Ooh, sorry for waxing poetic – Nay, oceanic – about aquamarine hues! When I was little, I always maintained that my favourite colour was blue. Or I would tell people random things, how much I liked (and still love, to this day) looking at swimming pools; I think mermaids just could be real (oh, humour me – won’t you, please?), I found myself to be an ardent collector of sea stories (and shells), and enjoyed making castles of sand, and well, just all kinds of ocean-related crazies.

I think over the years though, the blues darkened and I fell in LOVE with black, fast and very hard… But I guess I still always really liked the colour blue. Sorry, I know this sounds like some weirdo romantic escapade! :-( Okay, cutting several anecdotes short to include in this story, I think you know that I have been crushing over blue, green, mint, teal hues ever since last year… Erm, the “Minaj Wedding”, yougaiz! These tints that just soften a look, or pop an outfit oh-so-dreamily.

1. Nika Brooch, And Smile – $17.30

Ordered this brooch pin (and the other one in the picture) from Viktorija Semjonova, last year. I will not get into specifics because I already wrote about these lovely, water-colour prints before. 

2. Turquoise Ombre Gathered Maxi Dress, bhane. – Rs. 950

Been thinking about this oceanie/mermaid dress on bhane. for a long, long time now! I think it’s just so pretty, and also, I’ve never ordered from bhane. before. Ooh, I want to!

3. Isis Necklace, Lune – Rs. 500; Laura Brooch, And Smile – $17.30

This is one of my favourite pictures from this shoot! I bought the book a couple of years ago, and don’t remember if I liked it all that much but the cover? SIGH. That cover! The key charm necklace is from Sreesha’s shop; I like its broken quality – makes me think of vintage houses, you know? 

4. CASUAL Sea Salt Texturising Spray, TONI & GUY (200 ml) – Rs. 1,050

Erm, okay, so sue me! Bought this on a whim, I had heard about it a bit, yeah, and thought it might be fun to try out. So, it smells really good, and I’ve been using it to style my hair messily as opposed to having actual bedhead, lolol, and yeah, to weave braids into my messy knot thingie. I think I got excited mostly by the mention of SEA SALT, alone.

5. Sreesha Necklace, The Jupiter Skye Shop – Rs. 480

Aha! The Jupiter Skye Shop exiiiists, you all! RO CAN HAZ SHOP! I am being tardy with uploading more jewellery and stationery frequently, but look out – There will be lovelies that you will want to order. Ah, endless hope.

{ What else is in the picture? 1. Cream White Lace Bralette, Forever 21 – Rs. 679; 2. Brazilian Knickers in Emerald Green, Marks & Spencer – Rs 599; 3. Eternal Love Pendant (Triquetra), Accessorize – Rs. 695; 4. Ear Cuff (Dancing Skulls), Colaba Causeway – Rs. 90; 5. Psychedelic Feather Earring, Dryad – Rs. 500; 6. Mystical Glass Box (Hexagon), The Home Label – Rs. 640; 7. Rhinestone Teardrop Earrings, Accessorize – Rs. 403.50; 8. Express Finish Vernis Séchage in 865 Turquoise Green, Maybelline New York – Rs. 220 }

(HELLO, HOW ARE YOU?: Wanted to get your attention to tell you that none of these clothes, products or whatevers were sponsored for this post; everything’s been bought by me and all views are naturally my own. Probably, sadly, too! Also, if you are my friend in real life, you will know that I have not worn many of these lovelies just as yet… OUI, I AM A HOARDER.)


Artwork and pictures by Roanna Fernandes