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Ever since the last post like this, though I did not think of making this a series then, I wanted to write a few more similar posts. Attaining peace of mind is never easy, and sometimes talking to someone or writing about stuff helps put one in a better mood. (I know, I know, it’s a very “Well, d-uh!” kind of revelation.) Anyway, so I have been rather muddled about something – and I am trying to channel some of it, here – by way of talking to myself! ❤ (Make what you will, of this piece, and/or such.)

Dream about all that you want. Embellish a bit, write down your scattered thoughts and make lists… Paint a picture, etc. This is what you want right? Will it be good for you? Do you want to find out? Dream some more, make a goal.

Desire it. Can you do that? The universe is listening, it gives you what you want – and sometimes, all that you do not know if you need but can handle. Be pure about your intentions. Will your desires create something positive?

Dedicate to do it well, and by that, I mean – go in with your heart. There’s a difference, because you need not necessarily pour your heart and soul into it, not immediately. Don’t dwell on the future, think of the days as they come and go, deal with what you can with what you have.

Decide if it is what you want. Or that it is what you want! (Completely on your own; do not ask for or seek help… This is all you, all you.)

Do it. Do it… Do eet. DO EET! (We call that taking chances, because you will never truly know if you don’t.)

P.S. Was this helpful, or did it read too weird? Erm, also, dear friends, I have made a couple of colourful necklaces that are being sold on And some greeting cards, on Cupick – uh-huh! Ooh, so if we know each other IRL, you must know how much I looooove making cards and jewellery so please, please order away?


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes

Under the Seaweed

246 Under the Seaweed

Okay, so I bought a tub of the Ionic Clay Mask (100 ml) from the Seaweed range at The Body Shop a couple of months ago… (February or March?) There are a few reasons as to why I bought it: a) I have used the Deep Cleansing Facial Wash from the same range, before; b) I thought it might be a good addition to my beauty closet, since I normally do not like to get (any) facial treatments done outside – this seemed like a legit product to have at home, and use every once in a while. Why am I telling you all of this? Well, for starters, it was a splurge (Rs. 1,295)!

On the tub, the labelling says that it is meant for combination/oily skin, and that is true… After washing the clay mask off, from when I used it for the first time – my skin felt excessively dry, and sort of wrinkly around the forehead area. Some of the skin even began peeling! (I got worried, and ranted about it on my Twitter feed at the time, uh-huh.) But here is some background, and a pro tip! My skin is oily for sure, and even so – this product dries you out like nothing else. And #2, you must tone and moisturise, after! I also read a few other reviews online, to see if anyone else felt similarly after using this clay mask, and surprise, surprise – there were a few.

Well, that was that, and because I paid so much for this product, and it is The Body Shop after all – I did feel brave enough to start using the product again, after a few weeks. This time, I made sure to use a thinner layer (it is imperative that you do) when applying the clay mask on, and moisturise after. The results were better! (There was no distinct peeling, etc.) And if we are to talk of the present, I have used the product about 4-5 times in total – so now seemed like the time for a review. Because my thoughts however, have been so mixed since I began using this clay mask, here is how I will break it down.

These are the things about the Ionic Clay Mask that you should know if you are considering picking up a tub of the stuff:

  • Remember to space out its usage, once you begin using it. (The label mentions that you can use this mask up to twice, weekly – the answer is no – you probably should not. Once in every two months is fine, and after a bit – you can even start to use it once a month, but definitely NOT every week or twice in a week… Gee, creators at The Body Shop – y’all should know better!)
  • Always tone, and moisturise after. Like I said, I did not know how true this statement would come to be had I not begun using this mask. (Also, use the mask a couple of days before an important meeting or date, whatever, just so that you give your skin time to breathe and deal with the after effects, etc.)

Okay, now it is time to tell you about what I like about this product:

  • About 2-4 weeks after I had used it for the very first time, I noticed that my skin looked nice – in terms of, some of the rando pimples I had had dried out, and the skin that had peeled off grew back sort of healthier.
  • There is a lot of product left in the tub I own, and I think 100 ml could last you a while. (Two years, maybe?)

{ Rating – 6.4 / 10 }

P.S. I have rated this product for exactly what it does – that it draws out impurities, and clarifies the skin. It is one of those products I could have done without, TBH. (I do not think that it could be called a cult product!) At the same time, it’s not as bad a product as I thought before; though on the other hand – it is one I might not consciously buy again.


Artwork and pictures by Roanna Fernandes

Moonrise Kingdom

245 Moonrise Kingdom

Sreesha Shetty is one of the few beings whose work I constantly love to talk about (not a secret); I like that the essence of her jewellery label, Shop Lune has stood the test of time (from when she launched her very first collection to now). With all the quartz stones she employs to make the pieces, and/or charms shaped like crescent moons and gold feathers, etc. balanced with a basic, minimal undertone – Sreesha’s jewellery makes me think of the mystical powers of the Moon. Shop Lune as a name then, makes for a deeper connection, you know?

Okay, so the last time I wrote about Shop Lune – Sreesha was working around the clock to set up a website that would make the process of selling, easier. The website has been in existence for more than a few months now, and I recently acquired a lovely, layered necklace (see picture) from one of her current collections. For this feature, I decided it would be nice to not only talk about Miu (the necklace) but also to Sreesha about Shop Lune in general, her upcoming collection and such, and such –

Was there a particular significance behind the name, Miu?

“Miu sounds like meow, almost cat-like and this necklace reminds me of a starry night with the Moon in the background, and a black cat sitting on a pavement staring into space. More like Théophile Steinlen’s 1896 poster of Le Chat Noir. A black cat and the yellow gold background. I know there’s no cat reference in the necklace but cat lovers could wear Shop Lune’s Miu, you can even wear it if you don’t like or have cats!”

(Also, if there were any other thoughts behind making the layered necklaces, etc. They are very pretty!)

“Thanks for the pretty compliment. I really love layering necklaces and this one is best when worn with basics, like a white tee, etc. Also, I like that I can just wear them and know that no one else is going to be wearing them. Plus it has all the elements of what Shop Lune essentially is about. Dreamy, simple, and it has my favourite tones – antique gold and gunmetal; it was fun making these necklaces. I was in Goa when I made them, I don’t think I could have made these in Mumbai.”

Miu, Oona, and some of the other pieces that you shot recently, have a very beachie vibe, compared to your first collection. The photographs make me think of the Goa associated with La Plage or the pristine, whiter beaches there. (Much like the first collection had me thinking of Oxford Market or Portobello Road in London, etc.) Can folks expect a following collection that’s inspired by another city or place that you like?

“That’s a nice way of looking at it. The city I live in definitely influences my collection subconsciously. There’s no conscious effort when I design something. I’ve been in Mumbai long enough now, for almost two years and I think something more industrial, influenced by the city will be seen in my collection for fall which should be out by October.”

I think it is so cool that you worked on creating more pieces of an exactly similar design, though you used to not do that before – I liked that thought too, but this idea is better because I would be sad if there was only one Miu necklace and it got sold out before being able to buy it.

“I make the prototype and sometimes more than one piece of the same style, and the rest is made by my trusty team of karigars. This collection was made in Goa, and I probably just sketched the chain bralette but the rest of the pieces were more impromptu, all made by hand… All my handmade pieces can be made in bulk, now. :-) I just had to figure that bit out, because I would have customers asking me to make them the same pieces.”

How much are you loving selling independently from the Shop Lune website, as opposed to selling to folks through Etsy, Facebook, and/or e-mails?

“I think that having your own website saves you a lot of time. I would have probably just sold on Etsy if I was still living in London. They didn’t have a currency converter for the rupee, and my Indian customers would find it difficult to shop so I was pretty much forced to start a website. I’m glad I did. I’m also happy that I started selling on Etsy as it taught me the basics of writing compelling descriptions, and the importance photography plays in selling products, and about customer feedback, etc. It was like a crash course… Of sorts.”

Will there be any Shop Lune pop-up shops that your customers can look forward to, before the end of the year?

“Yes! NH7 Weekender in Pune, and if you or your blog readers want me to be at a particular pop-up shop, please let me know… I love receiving feedback, suggestions, and to hear from everyone!”


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes, and picture by Jane D’Souza

Mystical Rose

244 Mystical Rose

There is much to be thankful for, kindness and love – love and kindness, and all the layers in between! Like you know – I haven’t forgotten, and I am grateful. Erm, so my folks did point out that this illustration does not bear an exact resemblance to Mother Mary but I like how I drew her even if I say so, myself! (I studied the little plastic statue that I own, for details.) Oh, and if you could not before – you will be able to form a pattern shortly once you discover more of these posts on the blog, uh-huh. Okay, Nancy Drew? (Clue #1: Confetti.)

P.S. Before this post happened, every time I visited the grotto at Our Lady of Immaculate Conception (I.C. Colony) to meditate or pray, I would whisper to her – I am going to make an illustration of you, some day. Well, because she is beautiful – to begin with; she possesses a serene strength and she never fails to show me the light in some way, or the other. Ooh, also, the grotto at this church is very peaceful; it is rather nice to gaze up at the statue whether you are praying or not, and/or just offer up your thoughts, etc. 


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes